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1验证铭牌号码/Verify nameplate ID
铭牌号码/Nameplate ID:
验证铭牌号码/Verify nameplate ID
2填写基本信息/Basic information
主人信息/Pet owner information
*电话/Phone number:
宠物信息/Pet information
*照片:图片格式jpg、png,文件大小5M以内,请上传宠物正面清晰照片/Image format jpg, png, file size less than 5M, please upload a positive photo of the pet
本地上传/Upload local photo
宠物照片/Pet photo
用户信息保密协议/User Information Privacy Agreement点击查看/Click to view
隐私声明/Privacy statement
We collect your personal and pet information, mainly for the loss of the dog, and can contact the owner in time. We will not use the information you provide for other purposes without your consent and confirmation.
关于信息安全/About information security
我们将对您所提供的资料进行严格的管理及保护。我们将使用相应的技术,防止您的个人资料丢失、被盗用或遭篡改。我们将采取各种合理的物理、电子 和管理方面的措施来保护您的个人数据,以实现对数据安全的承诺。我们会采取各种实际措施保证个人信息保存的合理期限,并将遵守 所有关于可辨识个人信息保存的法规要求。
We will strictly manage and protect the information you provide. We will use the appropriate technology to prevent your personal data from being lost, stolen or tampered with. We will take all kinds of reasonable physics and electronics and management measures to protect your personal data to achieve a commitment to data security. We will take various practical measures to ensure that the personal information is kept for a reasonable period of time and will comply with all regulatory requirements for the storage of identifiable personal information
3激活铭牌/Activate the nam eplate
恭喜激活成功!/Successfully activated!
尊敬的用户,您已成功激活您的的宠物铭牌,请继续/Dear user,you have successfully activated the nameplate,pls continue to完善宠物信息/complete your pet’s information!
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